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10 facts about Blue Sapphire

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

1. Some of the most popular Sapphire Stones are found in Sri Lanka known as Ceylon in Gem industry. The small island in Asia is the worlds leading supplier of best and worlds highest quality Sapphire Stone. The "Ceylon Blue Sapphire" is a famous stone among all the leading jewel makers and Royal Families around the world.

2. Blue Sapphire believed to support mental acquity and psychic awareness, helping you access clarity, vision, and wisdom.

3. Blue is the main color of Sapphire Family. Blue Sapphire is the most expensive as well. However, there are other colors like like Red, Pink, Yellow, white, purple, orange, and brown as well.

4. Blue Sapphire Considered as a royal Stone during the ancient times. It held great value and was most popular gift among the royal families along with Gold.

5. Name "Sapphire" derived from the ancient Greek word "Sappheiros" meaning "Blue Stone". Ancient Greek and Persians also believed that the earth is sitting on top an huge Sapphire Gem stone and the blue color on the sky is a reflection of that stone.

6. The most popular choice for engagement ring is Sapphire. The most famous example being the Ring Prince Charles presented to Princess Diana for their engagement.

7. Most of the stones are hardness is just next to Diamond. Its usually durable and long lasting.

8. Sapphires and Rubies have the same scientific structure. This provide us the scientific reasons to consider both as same stones. However, the unique red lustre from the Ruby gave the stone its own category. Simply, the strong red considered as Ruby and light red considered as a Pink Sapphire.

9. There are special varieties in Sapphire stones. This is usually the Star Sapphire and Color changing sapphire. When it comes in correct lustre and look, the special sapphire stones can raise in price.

10. The Center of a Sapphire Stone is important in a cut stone. This is because the cut is a primary reason for the reflection of the light and shinning. The perfect cut provide the perfect shinning in a stone. Specially, the center of the stone is important. If the center is dead and does not reflect color or light, it can reduce the price significantly even in a big stone. The cut expert must know this fact and cut accordingly for a perfect end stone.

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