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Stones & Covers – We make the best jewel covers with latest fashion and unique style that you don’t have to think twice. With Stones & Covers you always have the option of shop jewel covers fit your model or personalize your own using our "Design your own" feature. We have all the latest mobile phone cases and tons of charm options for you.

You will receive assistance and guidance from our Sales team and our gem Experts. Please help us giving the following information to make your luxury cover perfect.

1. Phone Case.

Model - We would like you to mention your phone model to choose the case. We undertake orders for all phone mobile devices and models. The latest models from Iphone and Samsung are already available in our website. The pre orders are undertaken with some conditions during the launch of latest Iphone and Samsung new phones.

Material – We can provide the material of the cases that you like the most. For example, Full Leather, Mixed leather, Silicon, Soft Silicon, Transparent, Fabric, and many more. Our agent will guide you on materials in which we can make designs. Some materials like glasses (Glass Cases), Carbon Fibre, heavy wood, and some others are not suitable for our designing.

Color – We are happy to make your Favorite cover in your most favorite color. We will receive your advice about the colors and send you the photos of the cases with similar colors for your choice.

2. Gem Stone.

Stones & Covers only use precious gem stones for the making of jewel cases. The precious gem stones are Sapphire, Ruby, Diamond, and Emerald. We may use the semi – precious stone for the designing when it fits the customer's requirement. Example, when a semi – precious stone is the birth stone for a customer or for some other designing reasons.

We always make sure that all our gem stones are bought by our gem experts. The gems further sent to gem testing lab for an internationally recognized gem certificate for the cases. Our gem experts will help you understand the differences of Gems when choosing for your cover. Also, you may read our other articles for the detailed information about precious gem stones.

Color – Luxury users love to choose brands and products based on their most favorite colors. We are happy to fix a gem stone that comes under your favorite color category. Some gems stones are usually available in limited colors. Ruby in Red and Emerald in Green color is a good example. However, Sri Lankan most famous Sapphire Gem Stone is available in all Rainbow Colors which are Blue, Pink, Green, Yellow, Orange, purple, and Black. Blue Sapphire gems from Sri Lanka are world famous and has a great value in international market. Let us know what color Gem you like and we will fix it.

Carat – Usually we use Gem stones that are small in size but with good shinning. We use stones with less than 1 carat. For some customized cases we have also used stones that are more than 1 or 2 carat. The more the weight (carat) of the stone, the more the price is. Usually, big gem stones are high in price and used for the making of major jewels like necklaces. The size is your choice and you can check our sales product displayed in our website for the better understanding of sizes. Multiple Gems with same cut and design can be designed as well.

3. Designing – Our designer would love to hear your designing requirements and add what you like the most. We are happy to add multiple gems, designing (same as in other jewel like necklaces) to make it more beautiful. Any designing with gold or silver with more gems can make the cases more luxurious.

4. Duration – We advice our clients that our team requires 2 weeks of timeline for customizing your case. This including shipping time of 5 -7 days as well. For customizing of a case with a large size Gem Stone with more than 3 – 7 Carat will require 3 – 5 weeks in order to find the best gem stones from our Market for your special order.

Should you require any details or clarifications on the foregoing, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our agent on our given contact number or send us an email to stonesandcovers@gmail.com

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