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Internationally recognized Gem Certificate for all our Luxury covers.

STONES & COVERS provide its customers with an internationally recognized GIA (Gemological Institute of America) approved lab certificate. We always make sure that we fix the finest Sri Lankan Gem stones for all our Luxury covers. The certificate will provide our customers with one of the following option:

1. To resell the luxury cover with best value.

2. Use the gem stone for any other purpose (to make a ring or necklace).

3. To resell the gem stone.

With all the inspection from our gem experts we check the stone for its material, color, and quality before finalizing a gem stone. Also, we provide all the gem stones for lab testing as well. Upon customer’s request, we provide an internationally recognized gem certificate for all our luxury covers. The Certificate designed to provide the customer with verification option. The bar code or the reference number mentioned on the certificate can be typed in the lab website and verification can be done. This verification can be done at any time by using the reference number or Bar code.

Stones & Covers is a licensed company for dealing and selling gem stones. We are also authorized to ship gem fixed luxury covers worldwide. All our luxury covers are done with due care and professionalism. Upon our customer’s request, we provide them with the International recognized gem certificate for our luxury products.

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License Number CBA 26879 Under National Gem & Jewelry Authority of Sri Lanka. 

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