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We are the world's first and best sellers of Natural gem stones set/attach phone covers. Our theme is "Step out of the box" and this article intent to explain how this theme did created our brand.

This is Samsung Galaxy Note9 Cover set with a beautiful oval cut small (less than 1 crt) blue sapphire. Our Back covers looks classy and shinning from distance.

There are many reasons why ancient people used to wear precious stones like diamond, sapphire, and ruby. It is in their believes that the precious stones would protect them from bad vibes or unhappiness. Some others believed that it will give a hope and most importantly protect them from illness. Whilst most wear the gem and jewels with different believes, wealthiest have them in their position to show their fashion or wealth to the society. Most members of the royal families and wealthiest used to have the best gem stones found in their region.

The primary reason for the great value for these stones is because of its rareness and how it is formed. Millions of years, YES ..... millions of years is the timeline for the formation of a natural gemstone. it requires time, space, pressure, temperature, and ingredient. The Mother Nature cook the words most precious material with patients to provide us with the best perfection.

It is a simple rock that looked different with luster provided the difference. The rough gem stones mostly look like any other rocks. They come to the value when they are cut and polished. When it is in the form of a gem stone, it is classified as "precious stones" and "semi precious stones" in the gem industry. The precious stones are considered the most valuable stones for its quality and luster. Generally, Sapphire, Ruby, Diamond, and Emerald are considered as the precious stones. Most of the jewelry makers only use precious stones for the making of rings, necklace, earrings, and bracelets. The jewels are more beautiful with precious stones as they are very clear and come with very good luster. Stones and Covers use only the "precious gem stones" for the making of our gem phone covers/cases. We mostly use sapphire attach gem phone covers. Sapphire stones come with different colors. Blue Sapphire is the most popular and beautiful among the sapphire family. The red corundum is defined as "Ruby" and it is always in the shade of red. Pink, yellow, and orange are also most favorites among the jewel makers as well.

Our natural gems like diamond, sapphire, emerald, and ruby fix phone cases shines and provide stunning luxury look. Our theme is simply what is looks. We wanted to step out of the box and we just did it. We explained the traditional reasons and other beliefs of having a natural gem stone, our exclusive pieces designed exclusively with the same intent for modern and fashion people. You will have the same gem with in your position for a long period of time, with us it is more stunning, unique, and stylish with modern day fashion. Browse each design collection or to customize your own gem stone connect phone back case at www.stonesandcovers.com

All new fashions are created when a creative mind think something out of the box. Stepping out of the box will create a new small box for that trend itself as well. We are trending and unique with our exclusive collection. Please visit our website www.stonesandcovers.com for more. Like and follow us on our instagram page "Stones and Covers" or please contact one of our agent on whats app or email. We are glad to assist you in choosing your luxury back cover.

Author/s - Many (Team Stones & Stones)

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