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The ancient secrets of natural gemstone cutting.

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

Cutting of gemstone is a art. You must be an expert and an experience person in order to bring the best color and shinning from a rough gem stones. Gem stones sources finds the gem stone in rough form. It is the duty of the gem stone cutter to bring the best out the stone. The cutter must be able to identify the inclusions of a stone and aim for the outcome within few seconds. In modern age there are many technological support and machines used to cut the gemstones. However, the story was different during the ancient time.

It is believed that gem cutting must have started with everyday activities. A stone may have fallen into a fire and it caused the stone to be broken or flake. This must be noticed by ancients and specially the sharp edge must have attracted giving birth to a new innovation.

Drilling of gemstones started approximately hundred thousands year back. The ancient started to hit one stone against another. This made possible understand that one stone is more hardness than the other. Also, they learned that the stones could be broken or scratched. This technique was used for centuries where they start to shape the stones a little using another hardness stone. A gem can be more harder than the other. For example, diamond is high in hardness than sapphire gem stone. In fact, Diamond is highest hardness material can be found on earth.

Further, the most ancient technique used in Mesopotamia, the technique of stone engraving. exploiting different colored layers of minerals. this technique today lead to the faceting of the gem stone where the color is revealed. The early Rome period developed the art of cameo in Jewelry industry. This technique was further developed during late 18th century.

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