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The Jewelry industry in coming decade - Will Robots like Jewels? with the improvement of AI.

An interesting question is whether the Robots will like jewels? With the rapid development of AI and robots, it is expected to see more Robots and AI developments in the year of 2020 and coming few decades. It won't be a surprise to see many Robots roaming around us in a couple of years. Hence, the question is will it be a surprise if the Robots start to use luxury products and cars? The Robots may receive a Salary or remuneration for their work in the future. The worlds first Robot Citizen is Sophia, a female Robot. The AI and technology of deep learning aim to improve all aspects of Robots. Including understanding and developing the feelings of the Robots to a equal level of Human beings.The coming decade might see a world where luxury jewels and products are used by Robots. The improvement of Block-chain technology and cryptocurrencies is a financial game changing technology. The sale process of Luxury items are generally requires transfer of big amount from buyer to seller. Therefore, although the buyers trust the seller, they are reluctant to transfer a big amounts through existing financial institutions. The rapid improvement of Block-chain and crypto can help transfers of money without any involvement of a banks or Central banks of a country. Also, the system aims to bring down the transfer fees to minimum while the transfer is done within few minutes. The improvement of blockchain based technologies expected to help improvement of online jewelry sales in coming few decades. Improvement of full disclosure about the origin and types of the Gem stones. The Gem Labs are expected to rapidly improve in the future. They are in the beginning of producing easiest and hand use machines for the gem testing. One such example is worlds leading gem testing centers latest product GIA ID100 Gem testing device. As of September 2019, the device is available for the identification of Diamonds. The buyer and gem dealers can identify the diamonds details including genuine and type of the diamond within few seconds. This feature allows efficiency of gem dealing and build trust among the business instantly. The future decade is expected to produce more easy and hand use gem testing equipment like GIA ID100. The Jewelry industry is as dynamic as it is fast growing and online moving. The jewelry marketing experts looking for the development of online sales and development of online marketing in the jewelry industry. The consumer behavior is changing. The photos and videos does attract people more in today's world. This can rapidly improve in coming decades with the development of new cameras and video technologies. In Jewelry, the details of the gem stone or the jewel is very important. Few decades ago, the cameras were not able to pick the exact detail of a gem stone and jewels. However, the improving pixel and camera technologies can help identification of small details in the future. Helping to improve the online sales of jewelry.

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