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Most richest dream is to buy jewel from Tiffany,but the Billionaire Bernard bought Tiffany itself.

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

Tiffany & Co sale is one of the historic deal in the luxury business industry. World’s largest luxury deal with the recent buy of Tiffany from LVMH’s Billionaire Bernard Arnault. It is most the milliners and Rich peoples dream to buy something from Tiffany & Co, but Billionaire Bernard bought the Tiffany itself.

Founded in 1837 the company is one of the trusted jewelry sellers in the USA and around the world. They have more than 300 showrooms with each of them bringing the latest jewelry designs exclusively for their customers. The value of the jewels comes with their jewelry expertise in more than a century. Each of their peaces made by an expert with their own quality standard, luxury and creativity makes it worth paying hundreds of thousands. Simply, buying a jewelry from Tiffany is not just buying a piece of jewel but rather buying a brand with a reputation over 100 years.

Tiffany’s most exclusive collections are found in their “Blue book collection”. They offer a wide range of collection starting from Silver heart sold for couple of hundreds. The first Blue book Luxury jewel collection was started back in 1870 and from that time they hold the international reputation until day. Other than the silver rings, Tiffany also does luxury watches, leather goods, high jewelry, bracelet and earrings. They attract the youngest jewelry users with their innovative products and designs. Most of the young as well as classic jewelry users prefer Tiffany for their uniqueness and creativity in designing. Thousands of experienced designers make the managements dream comes true. The company also best known for the using best gem stones using their expertise. Majority of its manufacturing is done in the USA. Whatever you are purchasing from them, it is well known for long last. The customers loved it and they returned for their purchase with the company.

The company is now bought by another world leading luxury goods seller LVMH. The company reportedly has 75 brands, more than 100,000 employees and nearly 500 stores around the world. "We will be proud to have Tiffany sit alongside our iconic brands and look forward to ensuring that Tiffany continues to thrive for centuries to come," Mr Arnault said. However, this is a major change in the jewel industry. Every fashion designers and jewel makers eyes are on the new management and their development in the jewelry field. Also, the customers are waiting for the new designing’s and waiting for any new innovative products brought to the list.

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