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Top 10 Natural Gem Stones and the places to buy them. Part - 1

There are many different types of gem stones around the world. Generally, the gem stones are given its value due to its luster, weight, rareness, clear, and cut. Hence, rareness of the gem stone is very important in buying process. A gemstone you can find in one part of the world can be found in another part of the world where the stone value rises to five times or even in some cases 10 times. The reason behind this is because not every gem stones can be found everywhere in the world. Just like oil or some other rare earth materials, natural gem stones can only be found in certain parts of the world. For example, diamonds originate primarily from Africa and the best blue sapphires can be found in Small Island Ceylon or Sri Lanka. In this article our primary intention is to share about the best 10 gem stones and the places to buy them.

1. Diamonds

Diamonds are the most precious and worlds most popular gem stone. They are basically used for the makings of best jewels for the luxury users. In the recent times, the diamonds are used in men’s watches and other luxury items as well. Scientifically, diamond is a mineral composed of crystalline carbon.

Although Diamonds can be found in any parts of the world, they are originating from Africa. The African diamond sellers have best knowledge about the gem markets and how international diamond prices are calculated at the time of selling. Like all gem stones, the buyer must be aware of the 4Cs of the stone in order to start negotiating or offer a price to the seller. The 4Cs of a gemstone are as follows:

i. Carat

ii. Color

iii. Clarity

iv. Cut

Cape Town has its reputation for producing the best diamonds for affordable price. However, choosing the best for your requirement is difficult. Therefore, most of the gem stone buyers rely on their expert adviser for the purchase of gemstone. The purchase process will include a lab test and a certificate for the gem as well.

2. Rubies

Rubies are generally found in blood-red color. The value of the gem stone mostly depends on the color red. The more red colored, the value will increase more. Ruby is considered as one of the traditional jewelry stone. This is perhaps because its red color. Ruby is always red and dark red color is very attractive attached to a necklace or ring.

The color includes brownish – red, orangey –red, purplish red and most likely pinkish red. The clarity and the shinning of the rubies are generally very high to its red color. However, it is important to check for the size and position of any inclusion in the gemstone as it directly impact the luster or shinning of the gemstone. An experienced eye can identify the position and size of the inclusion and how much value or reduction will be brought to the gem stone.

Myanmar (Burma) is famous for natural rubies. Their ruby mining’s are in operation from the ancient times. The country has supplied best ruby stones to the making of jewelers of Royal Families as well. The other sources include Sri Lanka, Kenya, Vietnam, and Cambodia.

3. Sapphire

Sapphire is derived from Latin word meaning “blue”. Although there are many different colors of sapphire, the blue ones are the most beautiful and therefore the expensive stones around the world. Most of the jewels are made using Ceylon Sapphire stone. Sri Lanka/Ceylon is a tiny island in Asia but the best producers of most beautiful blue sapphire gem stones. The gem experts and jewel makers love the quality, color and the beauty of the Sri Lankan sapphire. The name of the Sri Lankan Sapphire gem derives from ancient times. They are popular among the world’s best jewelry makers like Tiffany & Co and the stones are also used for most royal weddings and gifts as well. Examples include deep dark blue Ceylon sapphire ring made for Princess Diana, 400 Carat blue sapphire owned by Lord Nuffield of Britain, most of the British Royal Jewel is made from Sri Lankan stone. Therefore, Sri Lankan sapphires are considered as the most valuable sapphire stone in the world.

Best Sapphire found in Sri Lanka. Also, the stone found in only few other countries like Myanmar, Kashmir, Australia, and Kenya. When you are purchasing sapphire stone, you will realize that there are other colors as well. However, blue sapphire stands out among the Sapphire family and has the best value in gem market and a good demand among the jewelry users. This is because it comes with best clarity and luster looking best in a necklace or ring. STONES & COVERS use the best Sapphire stones from Sri Lanka for our luxury phone back cover collection.

4. Emeralds

Ages of oldest emeralds from Africa goes back to billions of years (according to a recent finding). Generally, it takes millions of years for the making of precious gem stones. It takes millions of years for the Mother Nature to complete perfect creation of stones using right chemicals in deep inside the earth surface with high temperature.

Emerald mainly found in Columbia. The beautiful emerald stone from Columbia are mostly used for making of luxury necklace. Also, Emerald found in South American country Brazil as well. Zimbabwe is one of the African countries where Emerald sources found as well.

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