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Top 10 Natural Gem Stones and the places to buy them - Part2

5. Garnets

Garnets are considered as semi precious gem stones. The main gems like diamond, sapphire, emerald, and ruby are mostly considered as precious stones. Other gem stones are considered as semi precious and far less in market value comparing to precious stones. Garnets are mostly found in Sri Lanka, United States, Brazil, and different parts of Africa.

6. Amethyst

Ancient Greeks used Amethyst to prevent them from drunkenness. They believed that the stone has the power to prevent them from intoxication. There are other beliefs for the wearing and use of the stone as well. They are mainly found in Brazil and Uruguay.

7. Opal

Opal comes in multi color. Shinning under sun like a rainbow is the specialty of this stone. It is also regarded as the main and national gem stone of the Australia. The famous opal locations in Australia are lightning ridge, Coober Pedy, white Cliffs, and Queensland. The stone also found in North America as well.

8. Aquamarine

The Stone mostly found and mined in African countries like Nigeria Zambia and Madagascar. Madagascar is well known for its Sapphire stones and therefore they know the international market prices and best jewel buyers presence can be noticed near gem mining’s as well.

9. Citrine

Among some African nations and Brazil, Russia is also best place to buy Citrine gem stone. The stone mostly comes in yellow color. Citrine is an attractive stone among the young generations who wear different types of modern jewels. They also found in South American countries like Argentina, Brazil, Spain and Scotland.

10. Peridot

Peridot large mining’s can be noticed in China and Myanmar as well.

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